Monday, October 31, 2011

the heartbreak… it just continues, right?

We've been the recipients of some great baby stuff from an incredible array of friends. What's been funny is that things lie fallow and irrelevant until their need becomes clear.

One of these is: the electric snot sucker. This device had been evangelized to me by baby-having friends and I made a special point to include it on our registry; as well as particular note of its receipt.

I can't say our luck with it has been good, though. It's one of a thankfully small number of occasions that I describe as Libby Lee acting as though there's an attempted murder in progress. (Bath #1 was another occasion, but let's see the happiness of #3, instead)

That's happened twice, where the "ESS" is concerned. This last time — yesterday — Lucy held her and I did the business, maybe even sucking out an actual booger or two, while she thrashed and howled in protest. Afterwards, with compunction beyond belief, I noticed one solitary tear rolling a path from each eye, across each temple, over each ear.

Baby's First Tear(s). And we caused them. Lucy and I were both practically destroyed.

Aside from that, everything is pretty great — and we're both pretty sure Libby Lee won't be able to finger us in a lineup later on. Babies are so forgetful.

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