Monday, August 20, 2012

Two Wheels! The beginning of a new chapter in mobility!

After a week of home-street practice and the arrival of Little Nutty helmet, we're rollin! (background: the incredible delightful Yepp Mini seat all the way from The Netherlands)

Friday, August 17, 2012

"Yes, I see your 'hidden' mic."

"Yes, I see your 'hidden' mic. I see it every time, no matter where you hide it. Now give it to me for it is my prize. Give it to me NOW."

"Tell me more about these 'not' dogs. So, they're not actual dogs?"

"As an added service — at at no extra charge — I made this pail be completely empty."

Monday, August 6, 2012

Some Little Things

It's so easy to lose track of little things, and I guess it's just a fact. I continue to live in denial of that fact and find myself constantly making little notes in my head, notes that are often not followed up on.

Here are a few:

  • You love switches, buttons, levers, latches, clasps. I would love to find some sort of box that is wildly festooned with an array of these. That would be cool.
  • Some of your favorite toys aren't toys. Some top-rung favorites include: a plastic spaghetti grabber, several wooden spoons, a coiled XLR patch cord, the upright guitar stored behind your great-grandparents' slide case, your great-grandparents' slide case, a pair of plastic safety glasses, a cheese grate, several pie tins, and whichever TV remote control is currently being used by mom or dad.
  • at naptime, for as long as I can remember, while taking a bottle, you've methodically "clicked" one of dad's fingernails using your own thumb and forefinger. Since you were very little.
  • Before ten months, you tended to suck down a bottle and knock right off, with possibly a few strings of baby talk. After ten months, you're just as likely to lie quietly and still, eyes open but with heavy blinks, in daddy's arms for a few minutes before nodding off. Or you might infrequently perk up and have a lot to say, including pointing. When this happens it usually involves a corner lamp or the ceiling fan, both of which you hold in high regard.
  • There's no greater joy than coming to greet you after nap time. You're always standing, usually at the end of the crib, both hands on the rail, and as soon as you see the face of your mom or dad, you break out into a broad smile and buck up to your full height, with the greatest of pride!