Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not A Thing

It's fun playing with pronouns with a 2 year old. Teaching "me" and "you" is something that's pretty mind-boggling, if you think about it. Fortunately, the human brain figures it out on its own by age 3ish.

For Libby Lee and I this is illustrated by the posit: "I'm me and you're you!" What's hilarious of course, is that — depending on which of two people says these magical words, the meaning gets flip-flopped. So it's become a joke debate with us, with each of us saying it emphatically:

Libby Lee: I'm me and you're you.
Me: No, I'm me and you're you.
Libby Lee: NO, I'M me and YOU'RE you.
Me: No, I'm me and you're you!
Me: Right! I'm me and you're you!

ad infinitum

Today I fired this up in the car and after a couple of iterations, Libby Lee said: "This is not a thing that I'm doing."

Which, not coincidentally, is one of the most successful approaches that my closest family and friends have learned for dealing with me.