Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tumble Bumble REDUX

Two years ago, Libby Lee fell down the stairs. All the way down. It was fine, I chronicled it, like I do. We all got a jolt and a story out of it. Tonight, she did it again.

Little bit scarier for her  this time … and for us once we saw the dramatic bang mark she got right between the eyes on the bridge of her nose and a tiny touch of a bloody nose, too. For a minute, I thought she'd just destroyed her nose. but then it just kind of returned to its previous shape. Whew. (she really got a good shiner, but it was more apparent the next day as you can see)

She's fine, but it's interesting how accidents like this take on new gravity — literally and figuratively — as we get older. You can see the unease (approaching raw fear, honestly) in her eyes below (on the right, minutes after the fall, with Mama holding her), compared to two years ago, left, when it was more a reaction of anger … directed at the stairs, themselves.

To me, it's still a positive experience. Libby Lee learned what happens when you're not careful on the stairs. That's a valuable lesson. She's a good and careful kid, who's been going up and down our stairs since shortly after she learned how to crawl. A tumble once every two years; I'll bet she doesn't fall down them again.

Sorry if this seems insensitive… I'm a chronicler. This was worth chonicling.

More photos of good times right this way! #libbylee

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Saturday, June 13, 2015