Monday, October 23, 2017

Star of the Week

In Kindergarten at Maxwell, this week, Libby Lee is "Star of the Week," or "Student of the Week," depending on who you ask. (she says the former, forms say the latter).

In keeping with the list of accoutrements that seem to go with the "honor," a letter from her parents was requested. Here is Libby Lee's letter, composed by her father, in the early morning, under a deadline, without the help of caffeine.
About our daughter, Libby Lee 
Libby Lee came to us from space when she was a baby. She was “the littlest shoogie” from the Planet Shoogie. Because she had to travel so far in space, she was very fat, so she wouldn’t get hungry. After she came to us on Earth, she began eating lots of frozen blueberries, which made her bigger and bigger. 
She first learned to communicate through the language of chickens, making chicken clucking sounds, which her dad turned into songs on ukulele. That is how her mom and dad learned to talk to her. 
Libby Lee’s first joke was coughing. Her daddy would pretend to cough and she would pretend to cough back. So Libby Lee has been very funny since she was a baby. Libby Lee fell down the stairs twice, so we know she is very strong and tough. She is also smart, so she has decided not to fall down stairs anymore. 
Libby Lee was bitten by a werewolf when she was very young. Ask her to feel the scar from the werewolf bite on her neck. Go on — ask her. We’ll wait over here. 
Because Libby Lee is so strong, and funny, and because she came from space, she has many, many friends. Some of them are real people, and some of them are magical friends. Libby Lee would like to be your friend, too. 
After all of this, we have decided to keep her. Because we love her more than all the stars and the moon.  
Libby Lee’s parents

The Star of the Week arrives… nearly late, as usual.